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It has been widely mentioned that Water availability is one of the most decisive factors that will affect the economic, social and environmental well-being of South Africa over the next decades. It has also been cited that the next world war, if it happens will be on water resources.

In the Gauteng province water supply is already precariously limited due to factors such as drought, pollution through acid mine drainage as well as sewage sipping through the major river supply systems. This spring water is quite unique due to that it has one of the highest pH spring waters on offer, most of the spring waters currently available on the market range between 6.5 to 7.5 prior to being adulterated with carbon dioxide via the carbonation process which then drops it to about pH 5!. Why is a high pH such an important consideration, well it well documented that at low pH i.e. acidic environment most pathogens such as viruses etc thrive in those pH environment and therefore by taking foods and drinks that are alkaline keeps the body reasonably healthy.


Through our partnership with Tshalagi Water we have developed this business to a point where we are now in a position to supply a number of outlets throughout the Johannesburg region, this water has a unique taste and comes out from the subterranean source at about 12 deg.C right throughoutthe year. There are also a number of unique properties found with this water (see SABS Analysis Specs on the bottles below).




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