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 The origin of our ZELLAS deLITE sauce goes back many years when the founding family was based in North America and could not source the South African stable condiment “Atchar”. The manufacturing of the source started from humble beginnings in the mid nineties when one of the founders made a spicy sauce to meet the family needs for a hot and spicy palate  


It was not long when some of the family members started asking for the product as well, requests were also received from business associates after tasting the sauce. Due to this surging demand the founder then decided to manufacture the sauce following appropriate food regulatory protocols and began selling it to the public to some of the shebeens of soweto and neighbouring townships. An application for a trademark was filed and subsequently granted in 2001 under zella’s delite® trademark, the sauce was analyzed and tested for health & safety compliance by a variety of testing institutions, including sabs and north west university department of microbiology and others. Thus, the tornozest company's beginnings are in the agro processing business area and slowly evolved into other business areas currently pursued to date.





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