Aromatherapy Products

Our Aromatherapyrange of natural products include: Organic Herbal Oils and Personal Care products. These herbal products are easy to use and very much skin friendly Readmore


The fragrances are genuine essential oil based formulations and have long lasting smell similar to the original “Name Type”. Readmore

Moringa Products

Moringa contains a lot ofnutrients in its leaves and seeds and can be eaten as vegetable or ground into a green powder and oil. Readmore

Virgin Coconut Oils

There is no industry standard definition for "virgin coconut oil" as there is in the olive oil industry for "virgin" and "extra virgin" olive oil. Readmore

 Palm Olive Oils

Did you know that the fats you eat can raise your cholesterol? Or that nutritionally, Malaysian palm fruit oil may be as healthful as olive oil?  Readmore.

High pH Spring Water

Through our partnership with Tshalagi Water we have developed this business to a point where we are now in a position to supply a number of outlets throughout the
Johannesburg region
. Readmore

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